** I joined Sandra’s group Biofield Tuning series on Manifesting and Abundance. Immediately after the first group session, we had a money making opportunity. In subsequent sessions, I worked on old wounds of powerlessness that the (COVID) forced shutdowns had triggered. I recommend Biofield Tuning sessions with Sandra.” ~Katlyn Summers, AZ

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** Patti shares her experience with a Biofield Tuning Group Session focusing on Manifesting and Abundance.

I just finished listening to the recording of our manifestation session, and went outside to putter in the garden. My next door neighbour who has been hemming and hawing about booking a shiatsu session came across the lawn with a cheque for a 3 session package!!!
I’m letting my light shine.
Tsubo Shiatsu

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👆 Thank you Jess!

~ Jess Bubbico, Human Design Specialist https://www.loveyourwoo.com/

** All my life, I have felt like people are always asked me to do things for them. No one seemed to care about me and what I wanted. This really bothered me.

I had a Human Design reading with Sandra, and it made sense of everything. She flipped how I think about these interactions. Now I see them as opportunities to contribute to people, rather than as stressful, bothersome and frustrating.

These perspectives all came from my Human Design chart. It was all about “Why am I here?” ~ Anonymous, U.K.

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** I had the pleasure of receiving several of Sandra’s courses and tunings. I contracted COVID, and the pneumonia was slow at healing. I scheduled with Sandra, and her instincts were spot on. She intuited which lung was more compromised, and the work was very powerful. I immediately began to recover. When I saw my pulmonary specialist, she couldn’t believe these were the same lungs, they healed so quickly.
Biofield Tuning is a powerful therapy and I can’t thank Sandra enough for all she has done for me and my family! ~ Monty G

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** Catherine shares her experience with Biofield Tuning Group Sessions. Thank you Catherine.

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** My old cowboy 🤠 Oly couldn’t walk and wasn’t breathing good. I thought last night was his last. Sandra Lee did distant Biofield Tuning and the mucus that filled his lungs has almost disappeared and he is walking. Big Shout out and heartfelt thank you, Sandra.
~ Valerie Terrell, Olympia, WA Defining Image Photographs

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** I have received biofield tuning sessions in person. Sandra is quite intuitive and easily picks up on my past “stuff”.

I took a bad fall and sprained my wrist. It was swollen and bruised. Sandra did a distance session. As she worked, the bruise faded, and I was able to close my hand, and move my wrist through gentle range of motion. I felt energy moving throughout the session and afterwards. My wrist felt “healing” prickles for days. Sandra intuitively sensed and addressed the skinned knee, bruised face, and smashed toe that I hadn’t mentioned.

This is powerful and wonderful therapy. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain for acute injuries. ~ LS Penticton, BC

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** Sandra Lee was incredible, she has fine-tuned her practice, and in my opinion, is one of the best. This was my first experience of a full session, modified by her additional gifts. It was profound for me. No one has ever tuned in to areas in my life like she has. She leaves no room for doubt about this amazing practice, and she most definitely helps shift things for me. It is only the next day for me, so I am still very calm, content, and a bit fatigued. So her reminders of self-care will be taken seriously. Sandra Lee is someone I will recommend, and I will see her again.

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👆 Georgiana sent her appreciation the day after her Biofield Tuning session.

** “I have been struggling with an Autoimmune disease and recently it had flared up big time. I had one session, just one, and the pain that I had for almost a week was gone the next day.

Sandra in Canada, me in Oregon. WOW.”
~ Georgiana Kovell, Sales Coach
🌟 Georgiana is really helping me get better at sales and attracting clients. Thank you! 💖

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** “With everything that is going on in the world right now and as busy as we all are, I love taking a break for 10 minutes. Then I am relaxed and refocused and ready for the rest of my day.” ~ K.W.

** “A lovely 10 minute restorative pause to breathe, refocus and reset. Thank you” ~ M.B.

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** “Sandra Lee’s 10 minute tune in was so wonderful. I always get so much out of her sessions. I was particularly impressed how I was able to drop in and get deep calm and focus right in the middle of an unusually chaotic day yesterday in just 10 minutes. Sandra you are gifted and I so appreciate the gift of this powerfully nourishing interlude”

~ Nancy Clark Broach, Wild Art Watercolors

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** “I love this quick reset as I am ending my week. It helps me refocus and finish strong! Thank you Sandra!”

~ Amy Civica is a Psychology of Eating Coach and the Founder of The Food Is Love Experience

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