** This happened after Kristy’s first Biofield Tuning session.
“For the first time going on vacation, I didn’t have anxiety coming back to reality. Normally when I know vacation is ending, when I wake up, I start feeling anxiety. My body and mind feel like I never went on vacation. This time, I feel good, lighter. I feel more peaceful. I never experienced that before.

I tolerate work better. My personal business is starting to thrive. And I’m dealing with my job a lot better. Normally I have a jillion things running through my head causing anxiety. I have a lot of responsibilities. Now I just deal with the calls as they come. They no longer consume me.

What you said about holding things in my body resonated. I can feel the muscle memory in my body of what I felt as a child.

My body totally responded to the session. Like a physical reaction. My body was purging all of the toxic stuff I was holding onto.

I have been recommending Biofield Tuning to everyone. Thank you, Sandra!” ~ Kristy

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