Raise your hand if you planned to build a thriving practice and live your best life but....

You're still stuck in 'normal.'

  • The kids get sick, the dog poops on the floor, and the car gets a flat.
  • The website crashed and somebody hacked your Facebook.
  • It's been a non-stop day putting out fires, and wine looks a whole lot better than doing sit ups.

You're the one people come to for wellness advice, to heal their chakras and bring balance to their lives.

Yet you're embarrassed to admit that you feel confused, overwhelmed, even paralyzed, as the big stuff keeps piling up.

You just seem to be getting in your own way.

Even though you should know better, right? You feel like a hypocrite.

After all, helping people with their wellness is your job, yet you can't seem to hold space for yourself. 

Or you could grab your Inner Gem Shine Card Deck:

  • Breathe. Give yourself a break.
  • Let the cards take some of the pressure off.
  • Reconnect with why you're doing all of this in the first place.
  • Oh yeah. That's right. This is about healing.

Look, my hand is raised too. I've been there.

Sometimes I feel like a total phony because I am supposedly a wellness expert. Then I remember that this is a practice.

The Inner Gem Shine deck can help bring you back to center so you can manifest your goals.

Sandra Lee with Inner Gem Shine cards, paintings in the background

"The Inner Gem Shine cards will help you take your life to the next level."

~ Jon, Northwest Neuro Training, Olympia, WA

"You are going to help a lot of people with this."

~ Charles, Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center, Tacoma, WA

"Shine is awesome. True Alchemy"

~ Cathi, U.K.


About Sandra

Hello, I am Sandra Lee

When you're building a thriving wellness practice, understanding your big Why guides your actions. Sandra Lee of Miracle Inspirations helps you consciously align your passion and your purpose, lighting a fire of passion, truth, and fulfillment that sees you jumping out of bed in the morning.

She created the beautiful Inner Gem Shine Card Deck Kit.

Sandra Lee is a Life Opportunity Catalyst dedicated to empowering women healers and wellness professionals in building thriving wellness practices that leave a lasting impact.

She empowers you to live your truth, thrive, and be happy.

Turn up the flame feeding your magic


Sandra Lee
Life Opportunity Catalyst

Even with traveling a lot.

Such a wonderful routine,

and I love writing myself heart notes.
Thanks a lot to you for making
something so special."

~ Cory Sterling

Accomplish more by working smarter. Not harder. When you want different results, it's time to modify your thoughts and behavior.

Be purposeful.

Attract what you want.

Create it.

Move over journaling

Focus on what matters.

Here's your new favorite self-reflection tool to inspire your morning mindset ritual.

Direct creative attention and energy to any goal, task, or situation with the Inner Gem Shine Card Deck.

If you're stuck, get #^@* moving.

S.L. from Olympia, WA says:

"I will be able to use these beautiful cards on my own every day. I look forward to walking by and seeing the card layouts on my table. I love them!"



Also available on Amazon
Stop Overworking and Start Overflowing: 25 Ways to Transform Your Life Using Human Design

We reached #1 Bestseller in numerous categories,
and #8 in Self Help ebook!

I am a contributing author to this book about Human Design -  My Chapter is Turn Dreams Into Successes: Human Design & Biofield Tuning for Your Business

Writing this chapter and participating in this book project contributed significantly to my decision to change the focus of my business. I appreciated this opportunity to work with Kristi Sullivan, the other authors, and publisher Laura Di Franco of Brave Healer Productions.


Give attention & healing

to what's important in all areas of life.

Doing these things is important, but not always easy. The Inner Gem Shine system supports you in
moving forward with what matters to you and your healing practice.



Building your business, it's so easy to let self care fall off the plate. I know sleep matters, yet I've stayed up all night for a deadline.

Do you struggle to do what keeps your mind clear? Yeah, you already know it's food, movement, sleep and stress management.

Become healthier with the actions you take every day.

Use Inner Gem Shine to stay motivated and in action on your priorities.



Do you tiptoe around topics with a client?

Is working on your business creating stress in your marriage and family life?

Is your jaw clenched around a co-worker, employee, or even with your best friend?

Relationships make life rich and worthwhile. Turn them into partnerships that serve everyone.

Use Inner Gem Shine to adjust your perspective and support effective choices and communication.


Your Business & Work

If you're building your wellness practice while keeping the j.o.b. to pay the bills, there's never a break.

Marketing? If you're like me, that's an Ugh, but still necessary.

Maybe you're questioning, "Can I really do this?"

If you really want something, you can do it.

Use Inner Gem Shine to stay on track and take your results to the next level.


Abundance & Finances

When you're juggling funds to keep the phone connected, it's stressful.

Building your business takes money for everything, and keeping your thoughts out of fear can be challenging.

Abundance thinking and beliefs attract opportunities, a wealth of resources, and success.

Inner Gem Shine provides a daily focus for your conscious attraction.



Every day is over-the-top with work, followed by kid's activities, and getting dinner on the table. Take holidays? Hahaha.

Rest, recreation, and creativity are revitalizing for both your well-being and your business.

Treasure early morning walks, and kiddo friendly nature time. Take a breather for pencil sketching or meditation.

Prioritize holiday time away. Perhaps even find childcare.

Inner Gem Shine provides a space for imaginatively creating your future recreation experiences.



When you're over-the-top stressed with pressures and deadlines, everything suffers.

Walk the talk! Take care of yourself, or you won't be able to attract people who need your support for their well being.

Spiritual health shapes all of life. Choose faith, trust, and an empowered mindset.

Ongoing development, growth and education lead to satisfaction and perpetual success.

Inner Gem Shine expands your spiritual horizons.

Made in America & individually assembled

for you by a woman-owned small business.
Customer's Feedback


Owner, Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center, Tacoma

You are going to help a lot of people with this.


Client, Olympia, WA

This is so amazingly simple and easy to use!

I will be able to use these beautiful cards on my own every day.
I look forward to walking by and seeing the card layouts on my table.

I love them!


CEO, Northwest Neuro Training, Olympia, WA

I got the chance to try the new Inner Gem Shine cards and have them in my biofield tuning session and they are flat-out amazing.
As a former college coach for 15 years, I can tell you that visualization is so important to take your game to the next level.
All of us right now, our game is our life and these cards will help you take your life to the next level.


CEO, The Myndful Spark, British Columbia, Canada

I have had two sessions with Sandra, with the second one including her brand-new card deck. Each time I work with Sandra I am drawn deeply into the heart of who I am with the help of her presence, intention, and thoughtful intuition. Sandra’s sessions always involve surrender to the moment and bring about clarity of purpose, actionable insights, renewed focus, and liberation from stuck states. I look forward to having a card deck of my own to continue reminding me of and reinforcing the wisdom that emerges so brilliantly from personal sessions with Sandra. Thank you, Sandra!

Wholesale Inquiries & Practitioner Certification

Please contact us for wholesale orders.

A practitioner certification program is available for practitioners and providers, coaches and team leaders wanting to use this powerful tool to support the success of your clients and teams.

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